Monday, April 17, 2006

wow a whole week since the last post! i have a lot of new ideas for a few new creations but i havent actually gone through with anything yet. im torn between letting go of crafting for a bit till the wedding is over or if i should just keep crafting and slowly get wedding stuff finished...hmmm. anyhow, here is the finished product for an alchemy request at etsy. its a coptic bound journal for monica of "stuff on strings". 128 pages (biggest journal i have made yet! the rest of mine are usually 96 pages, but i LOVE the thickness of this book), 80 lb drawing paper...about 6"x9". she wanted a skeleton on the cover who was a bit saucy...after about 3634 drawings i think i finally got it. the ends of the pages were inked to make them red (something im NEVER doing again, HUUUUGE mess) ties with a black ribbon, and the skeleton is holding marigolds which she wanted as well. cover reads "its not that nursery mouth i came back for" which was a quote she wanted on the cover. she hasnt seen it yet but i hope she likes it!!

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