Monday, April 03, 2006

heres some of the stationery i made. i dont think im going to use the line stamp i made anymore on the stationery...takes tooooo much time and too much ink! its nice to have a blank piece of paper anyway, right? right.

beetle stationery- i accidently cut off part of his leg though! figures....

and tree stationery...worst pictures ever. well...almost. can you tell that they are trees? it took joe a minute to figure out what they were. hmph. the blue ink is a really lovely shade in person...not here though.


abbytrysagain said...

love the trees! the red trees are so cool! In a few weeks if you want to swap for some-I am so game!

Katie said...

Ooh, I love the beetle stamp! And I knwo you won't like it but I also like the "line" stamp too. Maybe there's some way you could make one that would stamp a whole page with lines at one time rather than one by one?
Probably very time consuming but yeah, I dig the new stationary. Very cool!!