Thursday, April 20, 2006

i just finished this on a bookbinding kick right now. its bound with dark brown waxed linen thread. i created the yellow box pattern with yellow acrylic paint and used black india ink for all the drawings. this is another small journal, only about 5 inches wide by 6 inches tall. i really love making the small books, they have more character it seems. 80 pages of 80 lb drawing paper. im off to etsy to list it right now.
in other news, i have today off. i have to go grocery shopping right after i do this etsy thing, which sucks since i hate the grocery store and hate spending money on food...i should be a farmer! but since im NOT a farmer i have to go to the store, which is guaranteed pissed offness for erin. hmph. we're having our friends over tonight, im going to make fajitas for dinner. im pretty excited about that. mmm chicken and cheese and flour tortillas...mushrooms and salsa and sour cream...ooooh red bell peppers would be great too, but a waste of money.
theres a siren going off right now- i hate sirens. when i was about 7 i was outside playing with my toads in the yard and this really long siren started blairing. so my mom told me i should come inside, it might be a tornado warning or something. i was so scared and lost one of my dear little toads which left me with only one. i kept them in a shoebox with a chicken wire cover. aww. i miss my childhood almost too much. its like i just cant let go of the great memories. i guess that if i ever have kids it would be kind of neat since i could do the stuff i used to do. that would be great. anyway theres a new siren going now from a different town, so i should go investigate.
anyway, enough blabbing. have a good day!


Katie said...

So cute! I love the drawings on the cover.

abbytrysagain said...

erin-that journal is so awesome!
I really like it and would love to have it but with black, bron, or white squares instead of yellow. Hmm....maybe you could swap me for one or I could buy one special order?, Let me know girlie.