Thursday, April 06, 2006

brown...another one of my favorite colors! this posting daily thing is wearing me (and my camera batteries!) out!!! wow, what a task it is. you'd think "okay i have 13 extra minutes on my hands"...well an hour later and a half later, here i am. okay, part of the reason is because there are a few blogs that i HAVE to visit daily. and then i find even MORE that i love so i have to look at those ones too. but at any rate, here is only 1 brown picture. i have been going overboard lately! or at least thats how i feel.
today i went to the doctor, then to 2 boutiques and a craft store, then to the library, and then came home. i worked on an alchemy item for etsy for a bit and soon im going to start a new stationery set! i should really do some chores though...ugh. dishes and laundry. my least favorite thing ever is laundry. its not so bad when you own a washer and dryer, but in apts. it plain sucks. especially because each load needs at least 2 cycles of drying time, which a) takes foreverrr and b) usually eats my quarters at least once every week. anyhow, enough complaining, im off to craft.

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