Monday, April 03, 2006

so my apt. NEVER gets any direct sunlight. the windows all face north. this is a bummer when it comes to taking pictures, i never have any patience with the whole process because i really dont like having to rely on apartment lighting...or lack thereof, for that matter! anyhow, i took a couple of pictures of the new stuff. i want to bring all of my stuff over to my parents to take my etsy pictures but im sure i wont get around to that anytime soon. i made a few more recycled booklets- these things flew off the table at my last show. i sold them for $5 a piece. these ones have 48 pages each with some little doodles inside. the images on the covers are blockprint mishaps. paper inside came from print outs, useless papers, extra paper from previous crafts, etc...some of it is colored paper, but most of it is white- which is why i added a few little drawings to spruce the inside up!

inside view

scissor print booklet

bird print booklet
heart print booklet

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