Monday, April 10, 2006

i just bought this patch set from etsy. i HAD to buy it because it was super cute. who can resist roosters, horses and trees?! and cool houses with neat fences? ive seen this fabric somewhere before, i know it.
anyway, i purchased it from here


Katie said...

those are so friggin adorable. :-)
to answer your question - yes! I'd like to start selling those weird little pendants I'm making. Perhaps I will look into, that site you use. It looks like a really cool website but I have no clue how it works. Either that or I'll just set up paypal through my website. In any case, I was thinking - you like my pendants, I like your stationary - perhaps we could do a trade? I'll even make a brand spanking new pendant for you if you have another idea...let me know what you think of this proposal. See ya!

erin scissorhands said...

pleaaase come in the mail today. im thinking they may have been lost in the mail :(

i would be pretty upset about this, especially since im not supposed to be buying much since we're saving for the wedding. hmph.

erin scissorhands said...

awesome! they came!!!!!