Wednesday, April 26, 2006

cloudy day, eh?

i just finished a set of 3 pocketbooks for a girl on etsy. her etsy name is boomshesdead, but she doesnt have a shop. i was so excited to make these for her! each has about 80 recycled-paper pages.

im going to be adding more journals to the shop SOOON. cant wait!


love mom said...

yep! i joined just for you :) maybe one of these days my crafty little hands will get to work on something other than changing diapers. okay, we play (a whole lot) but until then, as i said, i'll leave it up to you. glad i did. these were marvelous. i showed one of the girls already.
perfect, erin.

thanks (!!!)

Katie said...

Erin, you're unstoppable!
Those are beautiful!!