Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lazy Day

Today I'm being faced with the "day off but can't find the motivation to get off the couch" mood. Fortunately, this only happens occasionally. UNfortunately, I have to take into account the number of days I have handed over due to the fact that I may have had a leeetle bit too much to drink the night before and add it to days like today. That number seems a little bit too big to me. I'm pretty sure that I have decided to hang that lifestyle up for a little bit, right back where it was before I found it last summer. What can I say- good friends equal good times and good times equal good riddance. Sort of. Bleh. Ick. Bad.

Anyway. Today I woke up with the intention of writing my ideabook for Houzz (check) and then doing a few little projects (not check). Instead, I woke up, laid in bed for like an hour (not usually my style at ALL!) finally got up only to sit back down with coffee in hand, read a bunch of right brain vs. left brain articles, dabbled with my houzz thing a bit, took a nap, made some more coffee (so much for 2 cups a day), finished my houzz thing, took another nap, listened to some music, threw around the idea of starting a new blog, made half a sandwich, wished i made a full sandwich so made another half to equal a full and then decided I could spend a few minutes blogging. And that's where I am with my day. It's 3:00.
The Moon must have been feeling slightly ignored so she perched herself on top of the record player, where the cats normally go if they are trying to get a point across. She sat there and stared at me for a good ten minutes. Ah, they make me laugh. Clem spent most of his day in his hotel room (i.e. third shelf of the linen closet) until he realized I was taking a nap, which is when he decided to come lay on me. I wouldn't mind if he wasn't such a lug, but God damn he is heavy. I'll probably end up needing an organ transplant after he smashes them up a little more.

Yawn. I'm finally feeling like I'm at the point where I can start my day--I got enough down time to be able to get a few things accomplished now, I think. I have tomorrow off as well, so whatever I don't finish today will happen then. Mostly painting stuff. My friends laugh because I have paint on pretty much every article of clothing that I own except for my good jeans and expensive sweaters. Yeah, it's kind of pathetic. And it's a constant reminder that I really need new clothes because here I am wearing the same 3 painted t shirts over and over again. 


Mrs. Kitchin said...

I don't know why, but the idea of you needing an organ transplant because your cat squished yours made me chuckle. ALSO, I got my first copy of "Everyday Food" in the mail today. So excited!

The Time Is Now said...

I have found my twin. I never start out with the intention to procrastinate but in the end it always turns out that way. And then I'm up at 4AM doing what I should have been doing during the day but instead I read magazines, went out to run errands, blogged...

You have clothes without paint stains? Tell me your secret. The first time I wear a new outfit, if it doesn't get a paint stain on then I drop my pen on it or it somehow gets a colorful stain I spend the rest of the day trying to figure out where it came from.

Still, I create to my own rhythm.