Thursday, February 03, 2011


Sorry for the delay in the table reveal. I started back at work today and I kind of forgot what it was like to have the hours of 7:00a-7:00p occupied by things other than projects, blogs or whatever I wanted. 

Joe is still gone on a trip for work but should be home in about 45 minutes. Yay! I was just sitting here thinking that I have never had so much time to myself before. I do enjoy my time to hang out alone but I miss Joe a ton & am really happy that he is coming home tonight. Although I'm not sure that he'll really be in much of a mood to chat after his long day at the airport. I'm hoping that Clem chills out by then- he is really cranky this evening and keeps throwing himself on the ground and is trying to bust out of the windows. And he's bitching about everything.

Well that's all for now. I should probably see what he's freaking out about. Moonshadow's boyfriend is probably here or something. He comes around looking for a warm place to go and it causes quite a stir with Clem- such a pain in the ASS.

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