Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Plant

Today was grocery shopping day which meant that I had to venture into town- one of my most dreaded tasks is going to Madison on my days off since I'm there every day when I'm working.

Grocery shopping is kind of a production because we don't live near a grocery store that's even the slightest bit decent. The one I go to is 21 miles away so quick trips don't really exist and list making is a bitch since I can't forget a single thing. The other lame part is that I don't buy produce at that grocery store because it is really bad for fruits & veggies (but GREAT for everything else and also super affordable), which means that I have to go to a separate store for all that stuff. It's really quite a pain in the ass and I think "why the eff did we move here" like 50 times on my way to Madison and then like 100 times on my way home. I always answer "because the house was a great price and I love it" but it only gets me so far with my frustrations and back I go, questioning the decision again. Ah, things will be all the way awesome one day.

Breeaaath. Okay, so anyway- since I can never justify going all that way to just go to one or two stores, my list of errands is usually like a foot long. I always make sure to include somewhere fun in an attempt to either a) look forward to the trip or b) grab a pick-me-up while I'm out since I usually end up needing one.

Today my fun place was the garden store, where I picked up a new Jade:

Oh, I love jade plants.

PS: the table that she's on is the one that I have been working on but still haven't finished from a couple posts back.

The problem is that we don't get the best light in our house so these sort of plants are kind of a challenge to keep, but they do alright I guess. I'm just happy to have a new jade! I've been wanting another one for a really (really!) long time and since I haven't been lucky enough to find a huge one at the thrift shop like this guy has, I decided just to break down and spend the $6 on a small one.

Oh, and while I'm here- I wanted to mention that my first and second ideabooks have been published on Houzz! Check them out if you have 10 minutes & any interest in design stuff:

Get Your House Guests Talking
Interesting Privacy Solutions

Okay, 'tis all for now. More soon.

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CherishedHearts Vintage said...

The jade made me remember a woman I cleaned house for when I was young. She had a beautiful jade plant that she was very, very proud of. Pearl was in her 80's and was full of wonderful stories, some of which she would often repeat. The jade story was one of those. She'd tell the story of smuggling a little "pinch" of a plant all the way from California to Illinois. I don't know why she was smuggling it, if there was some repercussion for doing so, but she'd whisper very quietly to me about the origins of her lovely plant. Pearl lived to be 100, eventually sharing a room with my grandmother in a nursing home. They are both dearly missed.