Sunday, February 27, 2011

Table Before & After

Remember the table I was working on a few weeks ago? Well, I finally finished it. I suppose it could use some touching up, but whatever- I'm considering it done enough.

I started with legs that I pulled from a table that I thrifted a few years ago & added a table top that I cut from a piece of oak that I had in the basement. I bought the oak for something else, but after it sat there for almost a year, I decided I would just use it for this table that I wanted.
After some sanding and swearing, I added legs and began to paint. Dark blue. It. Was. Hideous. But I decided that I did still want some of the blue to remain, so out came the painter's tape & I made a pattern around the edge & painted the table white. Once it was dry, I pulled off all the tape and this is the result: Rubber Tree needs a light dusting. I pruned it last night but didn't get around to the sponge bath.

Oh. And can I just say that the composition of the photo above really bugs me? Ack. Almost a good thing...but then fell short. Ah well.

I have the table by the windows rather than by the couch where it was originally going to go. It didn't end up being right for the intended area. So now my plants have a new home & will finally get (almost) enough light each day. 
Oh, and this is my newest Jade in a thrifted pot. Her name is Judi. Judi with an "i"...

Anyway, that's that. How is your weekend going? I worked yesterday but have today off. We went to Sauk to see if we could spot any Bald Eagles, but I was a little irritated and wasn't really in the mood to stick around. When we got home I made some food for a pot luck that we're going to and now I'm sitting here, blogging and drinking coffee. I told Joe that I am going to start my coffee detox tomorrow, although that was most likely a lie. But it would save about $20 a month if I cut my habit in half. We'll see. Coffee is the best medicine, in my opinion.

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Princess Caitlin said...

haha! your comment about the coffee detox made me laugh.
I love coffee.
I'm for serious addicted.

Also, love your blog. I'm a blog lurker, but I thought I'd pop out for a second and say that I really do look forward to seeing your projects what you do with your home and stuff. :)