Wednesday, February 02, 2011

New Table

I'm snowed in today (again) and it's the third day in a row that I've spent by myself, home alone all day & night. It's really not that bad, actually. I can find lots of things to do while Joe is stuck in Dallas, where they are having their own weather issues. :(

I couldn't leave the house if wanted to...when I say that I'm snowed in, I'm really snowed in. I'm out of project $ and project materials, so I had to think outside the huge long "winter 2011" to do list. Good thing I'm awesome at making lists and not following them.

I've been wanting to replace this table for awhile now. I picked it up at a thrift store 4 years ago for $5. I've never really liked it much...

As you can see, I even tried setting it on an angle to see if I could make myself like it. Nope.

This morning I realized that I had what I needed to try something else & got started after a couple cups of coffee.

My soon to be potting room will never actually be a potting room. You know that, right? As much as I said I disliked basements when we bought our house, I have officially taken over the entire thing. Bass guitar in one room. Laundry (clean!) all over (allll over) another. Studio in the middle. Packaging materials and tools in another. And then this one. My winter workshop. :) Yes- I'm quite lucky to have so much space.

I made a circle & cut it out of a piece of oak that I had laying around. Er, pretty much a circle. There is one area that makes it not so circle-y. But I have come to the realization that I am not a woodworker, nor do I care to be one, and you can't perfect every single project that you attempt without going nuts. I've tried. Pretty much set myself up for disaster- nothing was ever good enough and what's the point of doing a project that is supposed to be fulfilling if it just puts a damper on your mood? So yes. I have recently learned to just let things go and I've been much happier since.

The bolts that come out of the legs that screw into the bases were too long to work with the table top that I made, which called for my all time favorite thing: hacksaw action! I love hacksaw action. So much.
I screwed the bases on and then added the legs. So far so good! After yesterday's attempted and failed project (let's not talk about that...) I was feeling a little discouraged after effing up something that was so EASY. Ugh. Still not over it. Anyway, yeah- in case you were wondering what's on my thumb nail, it's fingernail polish. I don't wear fingernail polish because I don't like colors on my nails. Too distracting. So I tried this shimmery nude shade on just one fingernail and proved yet again that I'm not a nail polish girl. Do you see how scratched off it is?! Yeah. I've never been that good at being a girly girl.
Next was priming. I like to dress like a ninja when Joe is out of town in case I have to kick somebody's ass. So far people have been pretty lucky. Moonshadow is my guard cat.

So unfortunately, you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see the reveal. Ah I hate doing that! Daylight is quickly escaping and I have to make a second attempt at shoveling the back deck and the roof. Our friend should be here any minute with his plow to help clear the driveway. So so thankful for that right now.

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