Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Did you have a nice Valentine's Day? The temps hit 40 yesterday which was perfect for our lovely evening:

I mentioned that I wanted to have a fire on Valentine's Day, but as the date got closer, I changed my mind because I didn't have time to get things ready. Joe surprised me and dug out our fire pit, made a path through the snow so we'd have a good walkway, found some dry wood and brought the bench down. I added my vintage army blanket & my heart shaped birdhouse hanger. It was nice to see my beloved fire pit again. I'm almost over my fire pit cringe...if you don't know what I'm talking about, basically I ended up hating this thing because it took me an entire spring and a countless number of Ibuprofen to get through building it. And my muscles were freakishly huge by the end. Like, bigger than they normally are (HATE that).

We made smores and drank good beer. Haha, we were drinking beer that tastes better when it's slightly warm but it just kept getting colder since we were outside! But it was so nice to have a fire again. We didn't get to do it much last summer because we had a really terrible mosquito problem (the worst in years!) and it was impossible to enjoy the outdoors. I was excited that we were able to enjoy a fire again.

It's breakfast time right now and I have to say that I keep considering some microwave smores. I only had one last night because I was so full from dinner. Damn it!
Oh, PS- He got me the orchid I wanted! :) He was keeping it in our guest room and before I opened the door he apologized and slowly said "I didn't read your blog until today..." So I figured there was no orchid involved. Turns out he was just bummed because he got me a pink one and not the white one that I had mentioned. He was especially bummed because he had considered the white one that they had for quite awhile I guess & then chose the pink one. Ah! That's okay, Joe! I got an orchid! YAY! YESSS!


CherishedHearts Vintage said...

What a lucky girl!

Such a wondeful firepit too!

tinajo said...

Seems like it was cosy! :-)