Sunday, October 17, 2010

Before & After

Here's a quick before & after to fill the void while I finish a bigger, more fun before & after. Reveal on Wednesday, perhaps? It's hard to say.

Thrifted candle holder. But I use it as a plant holder.



I have to admit, I did like how warm it felt before, now that I look at this a little closer. But it didn't go in the space I wanted it for, and I guess that's what counts overall.

Before it sang "Spanish Garden".
After it sings "English Garden".


It's funny. I feel like if we lived in a bungalow, craftsman, foursquare, etc. house, I'd automatically opt for warmer colors. It would just be a given. A charming home calls for warmer colors. I think it has to do with the beautiful woodwork throughout whenever you're dealing with one of those charmers.

But instead we live in a ranch, and the warmer, more vibrant colors just don't fit the vibe of the house. Maybe if it was a MCM ranch. But it's not (which is toootallllly fine with me). And we've been painting all the yucky oak trim. Now it's all white. Which is a good thing. Don't worry. I would never that in a house with nice woodwork.

Anyway, happy Sunday evenin' to ya.

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