Friday, October 15, 2010

Kind of Drab

So this is going to be kind of a boring post. See what happens when you don't visit a thrift store for a couple weeks? Haha, just kidding. I am working on a couple projects that I hope to finish by Tuesday so I'll let you in on those when they are complete. One is a front porch makeover (the halfway point, anyway) and the other will be fire pit progress photos. 
Today it's just this:

I picked up this little wooden tea box at a rummage sale this spring (which, btw, has a screen printed design on it). We don't have many warm colors in the house because somehow I converted from warm to cool in the past couple years...I think to root cause is from working at a job with very LOUD colors all around me and subconsciously craving a retreat from that when I got home. It seems to work with our house, though. But anyway, here is one small thing that I do have:

I didn't know what to use it for until one day when I found all of my memory cards and USB cables and earbuds and they managed to gather into one pile, which was a nice change compared to the 7 separate places they resided before that. And so the most obvious home for them was close to the couch, where I do all my internet stuff at. But since I didn't want it all out in the open, I threw everything in the tea box and it seems to be quite practical:

See, I warned you. Boring post.
So maybe I'll just show you a few things images have brought me happiness over the past few weeks. A new Friday blog feature, perhaps? I think so...I will have to come up with a name for this new feature, but for now I'll just say that it will be 5 photos with a common theme each Friday.

This week's theme is Come Together:

Love these old wooden fruit boxes & the bright jars inside:

Just another reason to start collecting old yardsticks:

I have been wanting a quilt for some time now. This will do:

If I'm ever feeling really ambitious, I'll take apart some of my old soda crates that aren't in the best shape and do something like this, which I think would be perfect for a bar/lounge area. Too bad wooden floors in the basement is no good...although I could figure something out: 

And another quilt, although I was originally attracted to this bedroom because of the wall color. Isn't it great?:

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Have a nice weekend!


Jo said...

Really enjoyed 'Woody Friday'.. and that box is perfect for the purpose. Form and function.. it's the mantra you know. ;o)
Jo xx

stella latwinski said...

I love the yardstick stairs, too. I have them in my "house" folder.

Kim Carney said...

I would love to do that on my stairs! I might even have enough! ;)