Thursday, October 07, 2010

Plant Sale

Today I decided to have a little plant sale.

I had Hostas, Sedums and Daylilies. I had over 100 of all those things combined (although I kept most of them for myself) so I figured why the heck not. I had enough Hostas for my shade areas after dividing, the Sedums are pretty much taking over my yard and the daylilies bug me every time I look at them. They claim that daylilies are "low maintenance" but I beg to differ. I had bending down to cut all those damn little stems off all the time! And in a huge effort to make our yard more efficient, I'm putting a lot of thought into planning for the next few years. So off they went.

Small clumps were $1. Big clumps were $2.

I think I'm going to put the $$$ towards my camera fund.
My little yellow bucket had $13 after a few hours. Only like $300 more to go!

The whole time I was wheeling plants up I felt like an old man just as much as I did a little kid.
Old man because you know how you see old men puttering around doing cute little making birdhouses and selling them for $3 or lining all of their pumpkins up on a picnic table and having somebody take a polaroid of them sitting with them (my grandpa...*sigh*).

And little kid because you know how you used to take your mom's sugar, lemonade, pitcher, plastic cups, spare change, newly cleaned kitchen floor (woops), poster board and then leave the cap off the marker to have a lemonade stand down on the road. And sometimes you sold toads and crayfish and frogs and snakes too. And one time there was a jogger who was thirsty but you ran out of cups so you just dumped your tadpoles into the cup with the crayfish (woops again) and pretended like nothing ever happened. Okay well that probably only ever happened to me. And my friend who was with me. 

But the point is that today I felt like a little kid and an old man. 

Okay, well that's all. How was your Thursday?

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Jo said...

OOH I wish I was where you are.. I could really use a couple of hostas for a shady patch under some trees in my garden that never gets any sun..
Blast !!
Jo xx