Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fire Pit Round Two

Remember this little project I got myself wound up into? Well, after giving myself some time to breath, I've finally given the go ahead to round two.

Yesterday we dug the circle out and I continued to move plants around to bring things closer. Soon we'll have gravel surrounding the fire pit and paths leading away from the pit and into the yard.

We waited till the end of summer to do this because I was so tired of spending time on the fire pit in the spring that I had to take a break. To look at it makes it seem like it could easily be completed over the course of a couple weekends. Ha, that would have been awesome. Let me just say this- if you are going to make one, I have two very strong recommendations: First, get a great chisel from the start (our hardware store was out when I needed one so I pressed on without one for awhile. And then forgot to pick one up whenever I was in Madison. That was a huge huge mistake. Hammer and flat head screwdriver, anyone?) and also- have a lot more rocks than you will need. Having variety helps immensely (another thing that I wasn't able to do until the project was about 70% finished). If I had those two things, I could have easily shaved off like 15-20 hours, I'm sure. But ANYWAY, I'm happy that we waited until now because the grass removal was so much easier after we beat the heck out of the surrounding area during our parties. There were times that I felt like asking people "okay, can your drag your chair rather than pick it up?" but I left it alone and hoped for the best. 

Next spring we are hoping to have something a little closer to this*:

Basically an area that is a little more cozy than what it it now. Slowly, slowly. It should be finished next summer.

*Sorry- I don't have the source for this photo and I looked for it online but couldn't find it. Any ideas?
THANK YOU Karen for pointing out an amazing resource for a reverse image search! This makes my future blogging much much brighter. I am always hesitant to post photos without a source, and I am terrible at keeping sources connected to my photos. I found the above photo at HGTV and it was designed by Robert Hursthouse.


Karen @ old beginnings said...

you can use to do a reverse search on your image... just got this from howaboutorange. what timing! the firepit is great - my next yard will have one, (sigh).

Erin Lang Norris said...

WOW Karen! That is such a great resource, thank you so so much for sharing!!! (edit: it looks like it's tinyeye is some other website, but i was able to find it regardless.)