Monday, October 18, 2010


Today I had big plans to do house stuff, but instead I worked on some new pieces.

I feel so Hayley when I wear this hoodie. Although I think mine is a little darker. You do know Hayley, right? From Hard of the only movies I've ever seen. Haha, okay, I've seen more than just that, but not many.

Here are the pieces so far. I'm going to turn a couple of them into key racks.

So yeah, that's how I spent my day from 7:30-3:30.

I need to do some stuff now before Joe comes home, but first I feel like doing this:

5 random things:
I long for the day I own a skateboard. and a bike. and a snowboard. and a smart phone. 
I would like to visit portland (oregon). and seattle. and amsterdam. and australia.
I love avocados. and calamari. and red bell peppers. and french toast.
I splurge on maple syrup. and yogurt. and cereal. and coffee.
I want to be a firefighter. (true story. not even kidding one bit.)

Hmm. If I was a firefighter I could have all of these things. But for now I will just dream. And dream. And dream some more. Pretty much dream forever at this rate. But I can't just dream forever, so I suppose I will do something about that.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! I love your blog and enjoy reading it with my morning coffee.

Jo said...

Great new work Erin.. I especially like the orange one.
Jo xx