Monday, October 04, 2010

Thrift. Always.

I am supposed to be painting right now but I can't find the tape so I'm blogging instead. While I was searching for the tape, I realized that I meant to show one of my latest thrift finds and that I never got around to photographing it. Well, one thing lead to another and I took photos of a few other scores...

Old Cabinet Door, $5.
This thing is damn heavy:

2 Mikasa Serving Plates, $0.90 each.
These are a little bigger than a standard dinner plate & they have a great textured pattern:

Serving Tray, $5.
My friend Margaret bought this for me. She asked me to go to the thrift store with her to return a bunch of clothes. Since they only give store credit, she made me pick something. I told her I couldn't let her buy me anything...but then I found this. Carved wood & ceramic tiles. I recently found the perfect home for it above our oven, which is surrounded by subway tiles:

Chippy Candle Holder, $4.
Here's more of that drab green color that I despise so much (so much). It's going to be painted one day, when I decide on a color. It's fairly large, I think it will find a home in the dining area. For now it lives in a closet (except for the photo...I picked a nail on the wall and hung it temporarily):
So that's that. 

Oh, and hello to everybody who has found me through Smile and Wave! Thank you Rachel for the feature. :)

Also, I've been changing my blog layout a bit so I apologize if the text isn't lining up properly. It's so much better than the stark white, don't you think?

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Jo said...

Liking the new blog background colour.. very similar to what I'm about to paint my dining room.
Also very pleased the Yellow Canoe profile has been raised..
Don't hide you light under a bushel.