Tuesday, October 05, 2010

This is us.

I took this photo for a new facebook picture but I liked the color combo of my hoodie and the wall so much that I am posting it here, too.

I'm not much of a red person but this shade is different. I refer to it as Roma. You know...like the tomato. 

As far as the wall color, I have no idea what it is, which is a real bummer. We got it for free and it was an unmarked can, but it's *exactly* what we were looking for. Can you believe that? I don't know how we got so lucky.

Do you think I can get it color matched? Have you ever done that? What did you think of the results? Am I asking too many questions? I usually call that machine gunning but I didn't want to ask "Am I machine gunning you?".

It's my favorite color in the house- so cheery and bright. And inky. I like colors that are inky. I would actually consider repainting the kitchen this color...I like the kitchen color but I don't LOVE it like I love this. It's funny that I spend hours upon hours bending my eyes over colors for all the rooms in the house, always fearing that I might hate the result if I just pick something, and then choose this one on a complete whim and fall in love with it. Maybe it's a sign.

Anyway, onto the next...

We came across this train car on our walk today. It was just parked in the road.

Okay, not really, but it was parked in it's lonesome so we took pictures. Gives you some perspective on how big these things are. I liked the color (again) so that's why I took the photo. Joe always wanted to be a freight train conductor or a train yard worker so I thought it would be nice for him to feel like one. It was really special to him. So I told him "why don't you get up there and pose like a little boy, Joey!" And so he did.

Okay that's all just made up but I started laughing after I typed that and I got a middle finger and a "don't write it. you better not." He doesn't even know what I wrote but automatically assumes that I'm writing about him. 

Anyway, last but not least, our small town, Mazomanie:


A lot of people think of Mazomanie as a dying town, but it's actually up and coming. They've been restoring the historical buildings and have lots of future plans. We have high hopes for all of the ideas we've heard. Mazo has kind of a bad rap, but we're fine with it because we know that it's beautiful here and we really admire our little town. Who cares if we are the only town in Wisconsin with a legal nudey beach? We know you're all just jealous. Cha-ching! ;)


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

The one color in our house that I absolutely love, the previous owner did not leave a paint can (but we have 3 cans of the hideous blue we have yet to paint over). I was going to color match it + a friend, who is renovating not 1, but 2 historic houses, said that it will never match up. What we have to do it have them match a couple gallons + re-paint all the walls.

Jo said...

You can absolutely get it colour matched Erin.. Home Depot will now colour match and then tint a TESTER pot for you.. so you can take it home and check the match. And all for $4.99.. and the tester pots are huge. But it won't work from a photo.. was there anything left in the unmarked can ? if so just daub it onto a piece of paper and you've cracked it..
It worked for me.. the match was perfect, the trickiest thing was the sheen.
see here..
Jo xx

stella latwinski said...

That wall color is awesome. I have been looking for the exact same shade for my office.