Monday, January 24, 2011

Before & After: Entry Doors

Hey friends! I hope your January is going well & that you are crossing lots of stuff off your to-do lists! I have a 4-month list spanning Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr & I am just about a quarter of the way done! Of course, we'll see how things continue to go once I start working again. I'm hoping to still have a decent amount of momentum, but we'll see. My parents are visiting soon and they always kick ass at this sort of thing so they'll get me back in gear if I happen to slip!

Anyway, here's the latest before & after!
Before, like waaaay before, when we first moved in. August 2009. ICKY!

And with the help of some paint & removal of ugly things:

I'd still like to get new doorknobs and the runner is just temporary till I find what I like. Oh, and of course something to replace the hanging tri-star. New switch plates are to be found as well, but I need to even the switch box dealies out first. 

Look closely & you'll see what I did while everybody (or seemingly everybody) was watching the football game (PS: Joe is a Bears fan and like the only Bears fan around here)...
I removed the trim that hung across the glass on the the door, scraped the gunk & paint markered it! I decided to just do freehand lines for now. If I get bored, which I will, I can just scrape it off and start over! For now I like it quite a bit though. I got the paint marker for $2.80 at Michael's. Inspired by this post, but I didn't use any contact paper. 

Okay well that's all for now. I'm in Minnesota right now (!) and I gotta run- Joe is getting off work & we're going out for a bit. Oh and PS- Goodwill is across the street from our hotel so you know where I'll be tomorrow. I also plan on hitting up West Elm & a few other goodies (IKEA!) that we don't have in Madison. 

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