Friday, January 21, 2011


I just slapped a second coat of paint on the long wall in our basement.
I kind of wonder how long it will take to cure because I estimate the temperature to be about 52 degrees down there. 
I like to walk around the house sans-socks & wear t-shirts when I can because it makes me more immune to the brisk temps that Wisconsin outdoors has to offer around this time of year. I do cheat and wear a hat when I'm inside, though.
I have to warn you- when you come over to my blog party make sure you bring a hat, mittens and probably a scarf, too. Everybody tells us that our house is cold. And I know that it's cold. But to me cold is comfy and hot is not. Hot is Rosacea and I hate her and avoid her at all costs. Our house is not drafty so I like to keep it at 65 degrees. Sometimes I'm nice and bump it to 66 when we have guests.
Anyway, back to my point here. Paint. $5 mis-tint paint from Home Depot, mind you. The color doesn't pick up very well on the camera & it's not as periwinkle as it looks in the photo, thank God, because I don't ever want to see periwinkle in or near my house again. It gives me bad visions of Joe's old Periwinkle Prowler (Which was actually a dusty-blue 1999 POS ford escort).
Oh and I should mention that those are my favorite work jeans and they've been through quite a lot of projects with me. Unfortunately I can't wear them in public or when people drop by when I'm project-ing because I got a nice tear in the thigh to lower ass cheek region. I might patch it. Technically I can wear them to the hardware store in town and feel okay about it because a) our town has a nude beach and b) there aren't many lookers 'round these parts so it's not like I have to step it up in the first place.

PS in case you are wondering, the jeans are "favorite boyfriends" by American Eagle. Some of the only jeans I can find that actually fit right. I just thrifted another pair in the same size and they are way too tight because of all that fudge I ate last month, but I'll stretch 'em & soon they'll fit like a glove. Hopefully that happens like mega-soon because I can't wear those ones out in public either without looking like a teenage girl who thinks she's a size __ when she's really a size __. I see a lot of that happening at the mall.

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Pravina Studio said...

Loving that color!

And brrrrrr! You are much braver than I am, I am such a baby when it comes to cold weather. I wear a ridiculous #of layers from November until about April!