Thursday, January 06, 2011

Coffee, Vinyl & Blogs

The mornings that I rise an hour before the sun are always the best ones.

Unless I am working at 6:30 a.m. that day.

But since I'm not working today, I am able to enjoy my morning at the pace of a snail- which, by the way, is my favorite pace of all when it comes to mornings. I know I've told you this before, but I like being able to spend about 2 hours getting ready for my day. And I like to do it alone. A French press to myself. The couch to scatter all my stuff on. Whatever music I want. But best of all- no television flailing at me. Ask Joe what my least favorite thing in the morning's tv. The damn thing is always moving and flickering and people are always talking and the volume is rollercoastering all over the place. The list goes on.

But not today, people. The only pressing matter this a.m. is that I have to take the garbage out. And I do have an appointment at noon, but that's like 5 hours away.

So for now I will listen to a Cars LP, sip my third cup of ink and type away.

If you read yesterday's post, you know that I spent the better half of my day rearranging the stuff in our living room.

If I was posting last January, this is what I'd be showing you:
Icky. I am so happy that I don't have to sit in a puke green living room any longer or walk through that heart-patterned hallway ever again.
I'm also glad that my Pothos plant, Gloria, is no more.
I don't like those things, but it was my first plant ever so I didn't know.

That shelf display didn't last long, either. It was changed to this last spring and stayed that way for quite some time:
While I did like that set up for awhile, it was becoming a bit too chaotic for my current liking.

And so yesterday I did this:
Which turned into this:
Much better. I'm not sold on the bottom right side with the 2 vases & the bee linoleum block and I think I'm going to change it today, but I do still like it a lot.

Do you find that you tend to rearrange your things at certain times of the year?

My times seem to be January and then again around May or so.

Although sometimes I re-do small areas throughout the year, these are my overhaul times.

Alright, well my 2 hours is soon to expire and I want to hit up a few blogs, so off I go. Thanks for stopping by! See you soon.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I recently did a rearrange (although spring is usually my time), but it was more like getting rid of a bunch o' stuff + going for sparse.

So I did this big clean out + some friends gave us these little tchotchkes, she said to add to everything else on our mantle after I pretty much cleared the mantle. These are our closest friends, who come over quite often, + I can't get away with not putting them out.

Erin Lang Norris said...

oh that's the worst when somebody gives you something with a specific location in mind!

i have to say that our bi-monthly purges are usually 80% stuff that was given to us as gifts. i get rid of anything and everything i don't like...except when it's a case like yours. i'm currently searching for a pretty box that i can store these types of things in so i have them close at hand when these people come over. lucky for us, we don't have any friends who will just pop in, so we'll always have a quick minute for updates.

blue china studio said...

I love to organize, yes I do! And you did an awesome job on those shelves. Everything looks so crisp and clean. Love it.