Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Ends

This morning I posted about these sugar bowls that I got for $2 each at Michael's. Well I decided they looked like little houses & bought 2 more.
I paint markered them up and called it a day. At first I was worried about drawing straight lines but then I got with the program- Erin, these are $2 sugar bowls. Seriously.

I couldn't decide what style house I wanted them to be so I just went with 2 that were opposite. 1 Modern & 1 Foursquare.
A word on the books- While I love "Sh*t My Dad Says" on tv, this book sucks. I think I got to page 20. I don't have patience for poor writing...and like the guy really remembers what his dad said when he was 3?" My mom has this thing that she HAS to finish any book she starts reading. Totally not my style.

Anyway. this is probably about 1/6th of my book collection. Weak, isn't it? I know. Don't worry, 2011 is the year of traveling and book buying.

Speaking of :year of", I never did do the list I wanted to do on my birthday. I think about this whenever I start to get bummed about not being able to travel or have many fun toys. But when I look at my list, I realize that will all balance out in the end and that I'm doing just fine. :)

Here it is:

18: Met Joe
19: Moved to my first apartment, with Joe. Yes!
20: Got engaged! For the record, I hate that word.
21: Got married!
22: Moved to Madison!
23: Found a fun job that I enjoy!
24: Bought a house!
25: Bought a second car- we each have reliable cars for the first time ever!

When I look at it that way, I see that I'm moving right along. Lots of things to buy & places to travel over the next 5, 10 and 20 years. We're hoping for an East Coast road trip and a Portland, OR trip this year. Next year we'd love to go to Europe.

PS: taking any and all suggestions for great places on the East Coast. Especially flea markets or antique malls! That part of my list is rather sparse.

Okay, off to make soup!

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Aesthetic Outburst... said...

First, you are doing great as far as life lists go. How many people meet and marry a person they love by the age of 21? It's fabulous. Second, you can come visit us when you're on the East coast. :) Ithaca is fun in the summer. Oh, and I bought the same creamer and sugar bowl 2 days ago. Sugar/creamer twins???