Friday, January 28, 2011


Jada got a new pot the other day. She is getting smaller by the month and her old pot was starting to look too big for her. I know- plants are supposed to get BIGGER, but I keep having to clip branches off because of an over-watering problem last spring. Although I think she's finally good to go.
I also got a new pot for my Rubber Tree because the other one I had was only temporary. I picked up this clay one from IKEA while I was in MN the other day &I'm very proud to say that only $20 was spent during that trip. $10 for the pot and $10 for a super cute stuffed alligator guy who is going to go in the library...when we have a library. UGH all this bookshelf porn that's been floating around the internet lately has me wanting more books. But the real focus should be on finding a chair. I think I need to just stop looking for a gently used one & just buy new.
Ah well. Oh PS: I gave the IKEA pot a little scarf which I cut from a blanket from IKEA. The blanket had a hole eaten through it by a mouse & I was getting a negative tinge whenever  I saw the blanket so I cut it and now it's better. HATE me the negative tinge.

Anyway. I pretty much wasted my entire day doing nothing. It's 2:17 and I managed to eat 4 cupcakes, some lunch and I also did the dishes. And I repotted my rubber tree. Oh and I did do some other stuff that I just ended up undo-ing because I didn't like it. I might go snowshoeing, I might not. We'll see. For now I am going to do something other than type and swoon.

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