Sunday, January 02, 2011

Quick Weekend Project

So there were 2 areas of our house that disgusted me to no end.

One of the areas being underneath the kitchen sink:

 with the help of $5:
I ripped out that 70's laminate nasty brown scuzz & put in some new tile.
Then I primed the interior cabinets & painted the inside of the doors.
 I left the inside part just primed & didn't bother to paint. I'm fine with it.
I put the SOS pads in a mason jar & got rid of a bunch of stuff that the previous owners had left behind. Yes, this has taken me a year and some odd months to get to.
Then I scrubbed the pipes & called it a day.

I love simple $5 projects that make a big enough impact to make me smile every time I look at it.
I know a lot of people would laugh and roll their eyes at this sort of thing.
But it's this sort of thing that helps make each day better.
Before it was like sand in my eyes- I cringed anytime I opened that door.
Now it's like Visine in my eyes! Sorry, I couldn't help that one...but really, people.
Small things like this can make a huge impact if your an aesthetic type like me.

And you non-aesthetic types- consider yourself lucky that this sort of thing doesn't drive you absolutely effing crazy.

Oh, and PS: My house guests will be happy to know that we finally own a wall clock now.
I bought it for Joe as a Christmas gift. He pretty much geeked out over it.
It only took us like 5 years to get one.
I mean, doesn't everybody just check their cell phone if they want to know what time it is?
Haha, kidding.
Of course you know that the reason we didn't own one before this was because I could never find one that I liked enough to put on the wall.
And when I did find one that I liked, it was too expensive.
And because people should just carry their cell phone if they need to know the time...
PS: I might order this one, too. I have a Wisteria promo code and this would be a nice birthday gift to myself.

*oh! and and and my new camera will be here in 4 days!

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House of Smiths said...

Great work on cleaning out your space under the sink!!! Looks fabulous :)
~Shelley Smith