Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Is How My Brain Thinks

So this piece only took like 10 times longer than I had ever anticipated.

And it's not even finished yet...
 I want to add something to the middle area, maybe. I'm thinking either a few words or something else. I'm open to any and all suggestions, by the way.

My level says it's straight but the photo says it's a little crooked. Dang!
The dining room is slowly coming along! I painted the table the other day and I'm still on a mission to find some chairs. A never ending mission. Why is this so hard?! Part of me wants to do a long bench across the wall so I can sit and read and look out the window all loungey-style. But the problem is that the table would end up being too close to the wall in order to eat from the bench & that side of the room wouldn't be weighted right. It's a funky area to work with, really. My other thought was to do a floating shelf all the way across & use it as a bar area. 


I think that I'm going to do something like this to the window on the door. It leads to the garage but I don't want a shade on it so I thought this would be a good alternative.

One day I hope to do wood floors, but that's probably far off & who knows if we'll still live here by then.

Onto other things...

I can't help but to love blue & yellow when it's paired together. I keep thinking that maybe I want to paint our bedroom this color and get a yellow quilt, but I don't know. I'm having a really hard time committing to a color for our bedroom! But I do love this blue. A lot. And it seems to be a favorite of everybody who sees it.

This room is the soon to be library & the bed is only temporary. I'm hoping to find a chair with a bold yellow pattern that's also comfy for reading on, but no luck yet. I wish furniture shopping was as easy as magazine shopping! Magazine shopping is too easy. But not as easy as it was when Domino & Cottage Living were still around. Ugh, I'm still not over it.
 Anyway, I went to move the bed a little bit to get it straighter for the photo, and it wouldn't budge- it felt like it was glued to the floor! So I laid on the floor & I realized that the leg was IN the floor. I'm not too terribly thrilled about this, and noticed that there are also dents from the bed on the other side as well. WTF?!
Do you see that gouge?! Oh, it hurts so bad! Oh well. I suppose it will help with my quest to let things go. Ha. Yeah. Huge help...

I have 12 more days off before I return to work & I hope to make a pretty big dent (hmm...i seem to have dents on the brain. note to self: don't bring car anywhere today) in my to do list during that time, so I suppose I should get going. That wall isn't going to paint itself! Which is really too bad, by the way...every time I paint I think "huh. is this what carpal tunnel feels like?" and then I end up painting with my left hand. I love a good challenge. Even if it's as weak as this.

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