Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Operation Paper Cut

Hey- you want to know what's really super awesome? I only have to work for 10 hours between now and February 1!
I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am about this. Not too many people get an opportunity for an extended break from work, and I'm all about it. Or at least I am right now. We'll see how I feel during week 3. Luckily that's my birthday week and I have some fun things in mind.
Sure, I'm going to hate myself in a few weeks when I don't have a paycheck to deposit. But I am going to be working on a couple of large scale art pieces between now and then, so there is always a small chance for a few bucks to be made.

Right now I'm finishing up a commissioned piece that I've been working on for months...uuuugh. I hate when things take so much longer than you'd ever imagine.

It's made of paper cuts and I'm having lots of fun revisiting the xacto knife life.

Now I want to do a super huge piece for Joe and I out of paper cuts! I should turn that into a mid-winter project. Cutting paper is actually very relaxing. Unless you cut yourself, of course. But really- you become pretty immune to that after a few times.
5 things because I feel like it:
1. I'm listening to a Sonic Youth LP right now & it's making me want more records.
2. The photo above was taken with my new camera. I don't know if I like the new camera or not yet- it's kind of finicky, to be honest. And not in a good way.
3. Clementine officially knows how to turn the ceiling fan on. He thinks he's cool when he does it. And I think he is, too, except for the fact that I then have to turn it off and I can never figure out how many times to pull the chain to get it there.
4. I tried getting by with just 2 cups of coffee today but by 2:15 I pressed another pot's worth and now I'm on cup number 4. BUT at least I'm not at 6 like I was 2 years ago. YIKES.
5. Have you read this entry on Kasey's blog? You have to watch the video she links to & also visit his blog when you get a minute. If, of course, you tend to lead a visual life.

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